What is RPDP (RPD Pass) NFT Collection?

What is RPDP (RPD Pass) NFT Collection?

RPDP (RPD Pass) is an NFT collection that acts as a gateway to the RPD Metaverse. Launched in July last year, the project has a total of 1776 items, with a cumulative trading volume of 1,575 ETH (or around $2.6 million).

According to its description on OpenSea, the RPD Metaverse is full of treasures, and the Cyberwarriors are always ready to hunt these treasures, as they draw energy from the five elements between heaven and earth to refine their cultivated souls. 

Furthermore, the RPD has fused the mysterious oriental context of the zodiac, the five elements, and the culture of cultivation, to produce illustration-grade hand-painted NFTs of zodiac-based battle mechs, which are designed as digital identities for guild members to share in the future benefits of the RPD. 

The NFTs will be issued in 12 rounds irregularly, within the first round recently, there will be 888 Tiger Warriors NFTs launched recently.

Market Performance of RPDP (RPD Pass) NFT Collection

The current floor price of RPDPthe lowest amount of money you can spend to own an NFT or become a holder of a project, is 0.19 ETH with a 24-hour trading volume of 246 ETH. 

What are the main differences between RPD and other guilds?

1. Broad market: Currently, RPD is actively attracting users in China, Turkey, and Africa, where there are a large number of potential players eager to join the P2E adventure. At the same time, we are also actively developing markets in other regions. We strive to achieve globalization with the aim of covering the vast majority of the world.

2. Unique development capabilities: Within the guild, RPD has developed or is preparing to develop many metaverse game tools to help us carry the enthusiasm of players from all over the world. Among them, the main products such as Mission Launchpad are to help the game gain real contributors and stable players.

3. Democracy, Openness, and Efficiency: We hope that through the many tools we have developed, RPD can build a completely democratic, open, and efficient DAO system.

4. Strong comprehensiveness and high growth potential: Among the early OGs of the RPD Association, there are blockchain pioneers, senior developers in the early game industry, active community organizers, news media practitioners, etc. These OGs collectively build a comprehensive DAO with a limitless future.

What are the benefits of joining RPD?

1. Development tool support: RPD guild members will be able to use many product tools developed by us to better participate in a wide variety of metaverse games on the market.

2. Continuous rewards: RPD will continue to provide rewards for active users of the guild including but not limited to NFT, airdrops, whitelists, test tokens, and other rewards.

3. The latest, fastest, and most accurate industry news: blockchain and the metaverse area is overwhelmed with news, while the quality of news content is mixed. RPD volunteers help identify and filter out quality content, and remove duplicates and fakes in a timely manner. Accurate and timely industry news allows RPD members to get the latest information on the entire industry every day.

4. High-quality industry research reports: RPD has a team of world-renowned university professors, researchers, front-line game development team members, and blockchain experts. We conduct research on the macro market and produce high-quality research reports and papers. This cutting-edge and constructive content will only be available to RPD members.

5. Excellent and active community: We have the most popular and enthusiastic communities in some countries where metaverse games are popular. RPD guild members can, along with metaverse fans from different countries, communicate freely and play to earn together.

6. Comprehensive support: We hope that RPD guild members with strong skills can play to their full strengths. We are willing to provide traffic, community, technological development, as well as financial support to any member of RPD, regardless of who they are.

7. Leading the work of RPD: RPD is a democratic, open, efficient, and free DAO organization. It adheres to its beliefs. Any RPD member can make his own contribution to the system, and even participate in major DAO decision-making as a speaker and leader.

8. Limitless future: With the aim of taking all members through the metaverse, RPD will actively develop, move forward together, strive to develop more benefits, and eventually reward the guild as well as everyone involved.

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