What is Meta-DIOs NFT Collection?

What is Meta-DIOs NFT Collection?

Meta-DIOs is an innovative NFT collection that uses Scalable Vector Graphics (SVG) format metadata so that the images can follow changes with on-chain data in real-time. 

The project has climbed to the top of NFT collections in terms of trading volume over the past day, registering 197 ETH (over $300,000) in trade across major NFT marketplaces. 

All About Meta-DIOs NFT Collection

Launched in November last year, Meta-DIOs is an NFT project that uses SVG vector file format. As opposed to pixel-based raster files like JPEGs, vector files store images via mathematical formulas based on points and lines on a grid.

Therefore, in the Meta-DIOs NFT collection, the images can follow changes with on-chain data in real time. According to the project, this will simplify getting trait information of the NFT when trading in the secondary market. 

“Artists would keep creating PFP NFTs. Holding the main NFT can claim PFP for free. Our meta-NFT will have many innovative on-chain gameplays, which mainly emphasize the interaction between NFTs and can promote community formation,” according to the project’s description on OpenSea. 

It is worth noting that the NFT collection plans to launch an airdrop for senior players. It also has plans for a token release.

Initially, the project did not came as expected. The team behind the Meta-DIOs NFT collection said that they “experienced expectations and disappointments” with the first public sale. They said in a Twitter post in mid-November:

“We hope to analyze the major mistakes and follow-up plans in front of everyone: – Postponement of sale – Bad mint experience – The synchronization of project information is not timely -Weird Meta-DIOs NFT pictures.”

At the time, the team said that the reasons for the problems were: inexperienced technical team and insufficient cooperation between product managers and operations.

“Based on the above reasons, we have made the following decisions: – Firing technical team and product manager, recruiting new team members – Put all the un-minted Meta-DIOs NFT into the black hole,” they said in a follow up tweet. 

They also announced the launch of a new collection called DIOs Genesis, a PFP collection that allows users to own the exquisite cyberpunk works of XuXianzhe’s studio. 

Furthermore, they said holders of Meta-DIOs NFT will receive two Genesis NFT airdrops, based on the holdings of your wallet address. The Collection’s supply is 4K, and the remaining 6 will be used for subsequent community activities. 

“Due to the changes in the results of the NFT sale, the follow-up roadmap will be optimized, and there will be reservations , such as the integration of the F2O model, but what remains unchanged is the empowerment based on this Genesis collection,” they said. 

Market Performance of Meta-DIOs NFT Collection

Despite its rocky start, the Meta-DIOs NFT collection has gained some traction recently, climbing to the top of NFT lists in terms of trading volume. 

The project has a totral trading volume of 1,285 ETH (over $2 million). Furthermore, it has a floor price of 0.0175 ETH (around $27). 

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