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Reward System

A unique, fair way to reward our community

Creating an ERC-20 token is an easy thing. Creating value for long term is the hard part.

We would like you to meet our unique reward system that is sustainable and beneficial to the Crypto Doctors community in the long term!

Meet our utility token

Crypto Doctor holders will be able to yield tokens passively, while active or more social members can earn actively, by eg: tweeting & tagging Crypto Doctors' Twitter, or by earning EXP on our Discord server.

The tokens you earned can be spent on the most awesome things, like official Crypto Doctors merch, naming your Crypto Doctor or even showing your new NFT art collection, or a new tool you've been developing to the Crypto Doctors community.

Okay, okay this sounds good. What else can I do with the tokens?

  • You can give custom names to your Crypto Doctors
  • You can send tokens to your friends
  • Take part in weekly raffles (more token = more chance)
  • Use them to shill your NFT in the Crypto Doctors DAO
  • Buy Crypto Doctor merch (hoodies, masks etc)
  • More to be announced...

The token and the system is being prepared and finalized. Meanwhile you can start earning & tracking your Score. Your earned score will be airdropped to you when we launch our token!

How to get tokens?

  • Tweet & tag #cryptodoctors @doctorsnft
  • Be active, level-up & earn EXP on Discord
  • Invite your friends
  • Hold a Crypto Doctor (1 Crypto Doctor = 10 token / day)
  • Giveaways & raffles
Points you earned before launch will be airdropped to you

The token's name and further details will be announced soon. The exact airdropped amount will be based on a formula that is being optimized. It will be based on the criterias we mentioned above like (discord level, invites, tweets, etc)

Please be nice when tweeting & posting on social channels! Follow the rules, be friendly, do not spam :). We are closely monitoring the activity and reserve the right to disqualify members who try to cheat or manipulate the system.

Join our Discord and learn more -> Crypto Doctors Discord