Owls.wtf (Owls) NFT Collection - What it is and Who is Behind the Project?

Owls.wtf (Owls) NFT Collection – What it is and Who is Behind the Project?

Owls.wtf, or simply Owls, is a recently-launched NFT collection that has gained massive traction. The project consists of 10,000 Owls, which have been randomly generated on-chain from over 90’000’000 possible combinations.

Launched in March this year, the project falls into the category of PFPs, or profile pics designed to be used as avatars for social media accounts. Furthermore, Owls NFT collection is based on the Ethereum blockchain and takes 7.5% in royalties every time someone trades an item of the collection.

Who is Behind Owls NFT Collection?

The creator of the Owls NFT collection has not doxxed themselves yet. The project’s website links to Twitter user @owlswtf, who is the pseudonymous creator of the project.

In a recent Twitter thread, the pseudonymous creator of the Owls NFT collection shed some light about themselves. They said:

“Thank you all for the support, questions and suggestions so far. I think it’s only fitting I introduce myself. I’m a software engineer, husband, and dad. Very passionate about Web3 and all the possibilities it lends.”

They also provided more information about the Owls NFT collection and what is next for the project. “Owls is a 100% on-chain initiative. Each owl was randomly generated on-chain at time of mint using a pseudo-random seed similar to what Nouns DAO is doing,” they said.

In terms of art, they said the art itself is also stored on-chain, and dynamically constructed as an SVG every time the tokenURI() is called.

However, to the disappointment of many, the project does not have a roadmap of any concrete future plans – at least for the time being. 

“As for future plans for Owls, there is nothing concrete (yet). My intention is for it to remain “under my wing”, where I’ll continue nourishing it into something cool. Whether that includes future utility (or not) is still unknown,” the creator of the project said.

Notably, the pseudonymous creator of the Owls NFT collection disclosed that they minted around 100 Owls NFTs themselves, which they plan to use for future giveaways and fund developments. 

“To be transparent, I minted +-100 owls myself after the contract was deployed (I really wanted to mint more), which I might use for give aways, to fund future project development, and for personal use,” they said. 

Owls NFT Collection Market Performance 

The Owls NFT collection has picked up momentum since its debut earlier this month. Data by OpenSea shows that the project has a cumulative trading volume of more than 160 ETH (or around $250,000).

Furthermore, the project currently has a floor price of 0.0329 ETH (or around $50). This is the lowest price for any NFT in the Owls collection.

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