MG Land NFT Collection - Here's Everything You Need to Know

MG Land NFT Collection – Here’s Everything You Need to Know

MG Land is an NFT collection and one of the largest NFT spaces on the blockchain that allows everyone can bring their digital asset into space to socialize, play games, hold NFT exhibitions, and trade freely.

According to its website, MG Land is a composable and decentralized metaverse, where everyone can design and monetize their user-generated content on the blockchain.

A Land is an NFT stored on the blockchain. On each LAND, you can build a decentralized space with an independent domain name. Each LAND is a unique (non-fungible) token lying on the public Ethereum blockchain (ERC-721). 

Players can build a decentralized space with an independent domain name in their land and bring their NFT to social play games, show, and trade NFT freely. MGLand supports all NFTs on a number of top blockchains, including Ethereum, BSC, and Polygon.

What are MG Land NFTs Used For?

Here is the tutorial that you can do step-by-step to build a complete LAND:

1. Set up your LAND’s information

LAND settings allow you to change your basic information, customize the URL, add photos, videos, and social links, and edit admins, builders, entry permission, and notification.

2. Customize your LAND

A LAND is always full of components: Grounds, Buildings, and Objects. Soon, many templates will be available to save you time rebuilding from scratch.

3. Start monetizing by hosting events & contests

Voice & video call functions are supported right in your LAND. You can easily set up a party and invite speakers.

Voting building allows you to collect users’ feedback and suggestions in a more timely manner.

The giveaway component will make your party much more exciting. You can create a giveaway with the name, time, and number of winners, and choose whether the participants are NFT holders or all users.

More than 20 minigame components will be available as well, which allow you to open many game competitions, increase user activity, and provide usage scenarios for your brand NFT.

Deploying your Brand NFT is the most important feature that will be soon available. People can start minting their NFT collections right on the LAND.

The type of land

The current LAND is built in 2D and supports PCs and smartphones. It is very simple and easy to use. Of course, it can also be traded and leased. There are only 10,000 pieces in total, divided into 4 sizes:

  • Small LAND: With a small area of ​​30*30, and a quantity of 6000, this is the right choice to start building your brand in Metaverse.
  • Medium LAND: With a relative area of ​​60*60, and a quantity of 3000, this is the perfect choice to build many events and festivals.
  • Large LAND: With a large area of 90 * 90, the quantity of 900, this is an impressive choice for brands that can build more activities and interactions on Land.
  • Super LAND: with a massive area of 120 * 120, the quantity is only 100, this is really a choice to show the power of big brands.

A bigger LAND will grant you more perks & larger space for events, and festivals. The bigger the LAND, the higher the brand exposure on the world map and the more MGL airdrop rewards in the future. MGL is the governance token of MG.Land which is available in the future.

It is worth noting that MG.Land will provide a one-stack marketing tool for the WEB3 project. Users must have NFTs to enter MG.Land, the project party can accurately screen target users according to the NFT and digital currency assets held by users, as well as users’ behaviors on the chain and Metaverse, which greatly improves the accuracy of acquiring users. 

MG.Land has established a complete set of project marketing exposure functions, including customized MG Screen, which can play pictures, gifs, videos, etc., including tool-based gamification interaction methods.

MG.Land is a Metaverse that connects multiple blockchain networks and services. It provides a place for different players from different blockchain networks to meet, communicate, and have face-to-face flexible transactions.

MG.Land’s public social facilities and buildings can authorize people with different blockchain network identities to attend meetings, and can also advertise through MG.Land’s multi-chain visible public areas attract potential customers from multiple blockchain networks.

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