BrainDrops NFT Collection - Everything You Need to Know

BrainDrops NFT Collection – Everything You Need to Know

BrainDrops is an NFT collection of AI-generated digital art. Launched in 2021, the collection is based on the Ethereum blockchain and consists of 9,860 items. 

According to its website, the project’s goal is to shine a spotlight on the artists and innovators who’ve been experimenting with AI technology for years without fanfare, as well as to help enthusiasts learn how to make AI Art themselves. 

The BrainDrops NFT project has several collections that have been released by numerous prominent digital artists, including Gene Kogan, Pindar Van Arman, Claire Silver, and others. 

How to Mint a BrainDrops NFT?

Artists may choose to reveal pieces from their collection beforehand or they may exhibit sample pieces, which are representative of the style. Minting is lottery-style; minters will receive a randomly-selected piece from the collection. 

To mint, select a project while connected to Metamask. You can install the extension in your browser. Once you’re connected, you’ll see a mint button below the description and the current number of pieces left to mint. After clicking to mint you’ll get a Metamask window to confirm the transaction. 

It will show the price for the mint and the gas price for the transaction. If you agree to the price, click “Confirm” to finalize the purchase. After you’ve minted your piece, you’ll be able to see and trade the NFTs in your wallet on secondary marketplaces like OpenSea.

Future of BrainDrops NFTs?

Like other forms of generative art, AI art may be dynamically generated, customized, and interactive. We aim to build Brain Drops to take advantage of these features, in order to bring about the most engaging experience with this evolving technology that we can. 

Although the first three drops are all curated by the artists, our roadmap includes building functionality for the art to be generated, customized, and curated on-the-fly by the minters. For this, we will be integrating backend tooling from our sister project, Abraham, which was initiated by our co-founder Gene Kogan. 

In the future, we also intend to cultivate an educational side to Brain Drops, by helping artists, students, and enthusiasts adopt AI into their craft and learn how to make their own AI-generated art.

BrainDrops NFT Artists:

  1. Gene Kogan is an artist and programmer who is interested in generative art, collective intelligence, and computer science. He is the creator of ml4a, a free educational resource about machine learning for art and creativity, and regularly gives workshops and lectures on the subject to facilitate a greater public understanding of AI. Gene initiated the Abraham project to build an autonomous artificial artist and is a co-founder of Braindrops, a platform for AI-generated art on the blockchain.
  2. Pindar Van Arman is a long-time AI Artist and crypto enthusiast. As one of the first artists on SuperRare, he has come to realize that while his artistic journey began as an AI artist, he has gradually evolved into a crypto artist.
  3. Claire Silver is an AI-Collaborative artist. She uses AI to explore themes of vulnerability, trauma, disability, social hierarchy, innocence, and divinity, and questions the role they will play in our transhumanist future. She strongly believes that taste is a new skill.
  4. Xander Steenbrugge is an independent AI researcher, digital artist, public speaker, online educator via his YouTube channel “Arxiv Insights” and founder of the platform that leverages GANs to create AI-generated music videos. Combining human and machine creativity, his work leverages technology to create rich audiovisual experiences with the power to shift people’s perspectives.
  5. Devi Parikh is an AI researcher and a generative artist. She also makes Macrame, Origami, and maintains a physical sketchbook with kawaii doodles, zentangles, mandalas, paper cutting, and sketches. She gets energy out of creative expression. Some of it is through her art – both digital and analog. Some of it through her research in AI. In fact, the two intersect – part of her work is on developing AI that can enhance human creativity – give people new tools for creative expression. She appeared in Forbes’ list of 20 “Incredible Women Advancing A.I. Research”.

BrainDrops NFT Market Performance

The BrainDrops NFT collection has been trending upward over the past few days, gaining traction among digital art traders. The collection has climbed to the top of the list across different marketplaces, bringing in millions in trading volume. 

As per data by DappRadar, the BrainDrops NFT collection has over $1 million in trading volume over the past 24 hours with 615 traders. Furthermore, it has a floor price of 0.301 ETH and an average price of 0.938 ETH. 

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