0N1 Force NFT Collection: What it is and Why it is Trending?

0N1 Force NFT Collection: What it is and Why it is Trending?

0N1 Force is an NFT project that is consisted of 7,777 items featuring side-on faces. First launched back in 2021, the 0N1 Force NFT collection was one of the first anime projects on the market.

The project has accumulated over 54,000 ETH ($90 million) in transaction volumes across all marketplaces since its birth. As of now, the project has a total market cap of $21,231,527.97 with a 24-hour sales volume of 1336.08 ETH.

The project has recently been trending following a buyout by a cohort of investors, including former executives from Binance and Yield Guild Games. The group was led by blockchain investment firm Old Fashion Research (OFR).

What is 0N1 Force NFT Collection?

0N1 Force is an NFT collection depicting 7,777 otherworldly warriors known as the 0N1 (pronounced OH-knee). Each of the monsters, demons, and ghost spirits that make up this digital art collection feature unique, hand-drawn attributes such as cat ears, bomber jackets, and possessed eyes.

Created in the anime style of artist IMCMPLX, these 2D side-profile NFTs serve as unique collectibles and profile pictures (PFPs) for online social sites.

0N1 Force holders are a vibrant community of art lovers, artists, and celebrities including Logan Paul, Bobby Kim, Gary Vaynerchuk, and Steve Aoki. The community has pushed the project forward in both digital and physical spaces while collectively inspiring an expansive lore that underlies the 0N1 Force project.

This year, we’ll probably hear more about 0N1 Force as the project has big plans ahead. According to their roadmap, the team will soon launch a graphic novel created by its community; meanwhile, project owners will also allocate 50 ETH to an Artist Fund for the most talented community members.

The Initial Team Behind 0N1 Force NFT Collection

0N1 Force is the brainchild of JR, a fine artist, and former middle school art teacher. Inspired by side-profile portraits, like those on the iconic “Demon Days” album by Gorillaz, JR tried his hand at developing his own character portraits and distributing them as NFTs.

The 0N1 Force co-founders assembled on Clubhouse, a social audio discussion app. JR reached out to artist IMCMPLX, someone he had noticed was very active in NFT channels on Clubhouse.

Together, they pitched the idea to Strawberry, a Clubhouse user known for leading NFT projects. Strawberry liked the backstory and detailed artistic concepts, bringing CryptoSpaces on board to help visualize the narrative and guide 0N1 Force to launch in 2021. The co-founding team includes JR, IMCMPLX, Strawberry, CryptoSpaces, and LinkedEm.

0N1 Force launched on the Ethereum blockchain on August 18, 2021, at a mint price of 0.07777 ETH (~$250 USD at the time). The entire collection sold out in less than 5 minutes during the public sale.

What Stands Out about 0N1 Force NFT Collection 

One of the most distinctive features of the 0N1 Force is the highly developed backstory of the NFT collection. The narrative underpinning the characters in the collection gives each NFT an extra dimension and allows for interesting releases that develop the story even further, such as the 0N1 Force digital comic book.

The 0N1 live in a plane called the Ethereal Enclave where the emperor has abruptly died without an heir. The emperor’s sudden death caused widespread panic and new authorities rose from the ensuing chaos. In the aftermath, the 7,777 0N1 characters were stripped of their peaceful lifestyles and divided into three clans.

Each element of the 0N1 Force NFTs has been hand-drawn by artist IMCMPLX. Combining anime and Transformer-inspired robotic features, the illustration team’s dark, yet striking style helps the 0N1 Force NFT collection stand out from the pack.

The 0N1 Force team has brought in artists from across different projects and industries to add further depth to the imagined world they’ve created. They have partnered with celebrities like Steve Aoki, DJ Kaku, and Bassjackers for cross-promotion, making 0N1 Force especially popular within the electronic music community. 

Fans of the collection were given early access to apparel and merchandise featuring the NFTs from the collection. The 0N1 Force team also plans to develop an online store for 0N1 Force NFT holders in order to help them monetize their collections. 0N1 Force NFTs continue to be enriched via other forms of media, making participation in this community a multifaceted experience.

New Group Buys 0N1 Force

Starting this month, the 0N1 Force NFT collection belongs to a newly-formed group of blockchain innovators and investors. The project’s new community board includes the former Binance CFO Wei Zhou, Colin Goltra (the COO of Yield Guild Games), and William Tong, the new Chief Strategy Officer.

However, the buyout was led by Old Fashion Research (OFR). Founded after the 2021 NFT boom, the crypto-centered company initially belonged to former Binance executives Wayne Fu and Ling Zhang.

Notably, the 0N1 Force leader, Henry “Starlordy” Finn, will stay on the team as the new CEO. The team of community moderators will also keep working on the project. Other founders left the project as the new investors’ group hit to establish

In a statement, the group said they are planning to “deploy significant funds into the growing 0N1 Force franchise, with a view to establishing it as a leading metaverse-native IP.”

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