Price: 0.05 ETH
Supply: - / 2000
Max 10 / TX
- Vote & proposal rights in the Crypto Doctors DAO
- Fair, min 5 ETH raffles
- Community controlled Treasury
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Sneak Peeks

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Crypto Doctors Rewards

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Crypto Doctors DAO

Your voice is heard in the DAO!

  • Crypto Doctors are members of the DAO
  • Crypto Doctors have voting and proposal rights
  • 1 Crypto Doctor NFT = 1 vote
  • Crypto Doctors take part in fair raffles (min. 5 ETH)
  • 100% OpenSea royalties goes to the Treasury
  • Treasury is controlled by Crypto Doctors via governance
  • Treasury is used to ensure long term growth (blue-chips, tools, etc)
The DAO's got your back!

Crypto Doctors DAO helps talented newbie artists & developers with visionary ideas.
Crypto Doctor holders can propose and show their upcoming NFT collections or projects to the community. The DAO will decide and fund the passed proposals.

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Myth of the Crypto Doctors

Doctors. Paragons of the universe.

They save. They cure. They bring new life to the world.

They fight while having a mask on to disguise themselves and their thoughts.

Feelings, emotions, obscured thoughts however are starting to reveal.

Madness have infected their minds...

Crypto Doctors is a collection of 2000 unique, hand-drawn, randomly generated, high quality NFTs — living on the Ethereum blockchain as ERC-721 tokens.

Madness, sadness, illusions, sorrow; all stored and finally revealed in the metaverse. All will remain there through eternity.

In metaverse and beyond.
— Crypto Doctors

Giving back

We, as founders of Crypto Doctors have chosen the Médecins Sans Frontières (Doctors without Borders) organisation. Their vision truly matches ours. They provide medical assistance for those who are in need of.

We wholeheartedly believe in their cause.

Hence, we are donating:
  • 60 000 USD after sellout


Dr. deres

Developer, Bot-writer of the metaverse. Enjoys writing Twitter & Discord bots. Full-time Crypto Doctor.

Dr. erlendur

He is the mastermind behind communication. Heart and soul of the Crypto Doctors Club. NFT lover & collector.

Dr. joe

Magnificent artist of the metaverse and beyond. He was born to be a Crypto Doctor. Creator of masks.

Founders are not actual doctors, we are only doctors in the metaverse =)